The 100



The time is now.

Muskego is the only member in the Classic 8 without turf.

The time is now.

Turf has been a topic of discussion in Muskego for over a decade.

The time is now.

The school has committed to new concessions, bathrooms and expanded stands, but the turf will have to come for us….from you.

The time is now.

Grid Iron has already raised over $700,000, but we need an additional $35,854.

If we want turf, if you want turf, the time is now.


Grid Iron is challenging every football family; past, present and future, the School Administration, the City Administration, alumni, and local companies to be part of The 100. We are asking 100 families/groups/businesses to donate $1000. We are asking you to be part of the solution. We are asking you to help build Muskego Champions.


Go to the donation page by clicking the icon below and join The 100. Or use the pledge form and send it to the Grid Iron Club. Be a Champion!