Ryan Beczkiewicz - College and Career Ready

Ryan Beczkiewicz – College and Career Ready

Class of 2015

Ryan Beczkiewicz, class of 2015, jumped right into his college experience at the University of Minnesota before classes even started for him in the fall of 2015. Warrior Nation caught up with Ryan to see how his time at college has been thus far and how MHS prepared him for all that college has had in store.

Q: What has your college experience been like?

A: When I first got to college, I joined the University of Minnesota Marching Band, and it was the absolute best decision I made coming to college.  I arrived 2 weeks early, immediately had 320 friends in a different state, and was already a part of the university, instead of just going to the university.  I also joined a professional co-ed band sorority that is focused on serving university bands through fundraising and service projects (basically a college version of what the student council does at MHS).  The coursework became a lot more intense, but also more rewarding because I am able to focus specifically on what I love to learn about.

Q: How did your time at MHS impact your college experience? 

A: My four years at MHS impacted me as a person a lot before I got to college.  The experiences, education, and possibilities available for me at MHS helped set me up for success at the next level. The possibilities for AP credit were truly a huge help before getting to college.  The ability to take all of the AP classes I did and earn college credit for the work I put in helped me get ahead in my course load, which means I don't have to load up every single one of my semesters and can spend more time delving into the things I find the most intriguing.  

Q: Are there any specific teachers who had a great influence on you during high school? In what ways did they influence you?

A: While I enjoyed all of the teachers who I took a class with at MHS and owe all of them a thank you note, there are two teachers who I think influenced me most: Mr. Beckman and Ms. Jung (Mrs. Harris).  Mr. Beckman influenced me through his constant appreciation and enthusiasm for band and music.  I probably would not have joined the marching band at college if it weren't for Mr. Beckman constantly pushing me to be a better musician and to continue on with music into college.  I have Ms. Jung to thank for my personality.  I had her both as a teacher as well as an advisor for student council.  She truly helped me grow as a person shaping me as a leader, an outgoing person, and someone who will never give up.  She helped me become who I am today. 

Q: Any advice you would like to give current MHS students. 

A: The advice I would give to current MHS students, don't get stressed out about little things.  You will fail a test.  You will get a bad grade on a homework assignment.  You will fall down.  But college isn't about the falls; it's about getting up afterwards and pushing through the hard times toward success.


Mr. Beckman, MHS band teacher, also informed Warrior Nation of accolades Ryan has received at U of M. Ryan received the “Chair Award” for the marching band this year as a sophomore, an award typically reserved for upperclassmen. The award goes to the band member they believe has the best, most technical, overall marching and playing ability. Ryan also received a scholarship for band members who have put in a lot of time and effort in service to the band. Ryan’s band experience has allowed him to travel to other states, playing at the Volleyball Final Four, Men’s Big Ten Basketball Tournament, and the First Round of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Ryan is pursuing his Bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics with a minor in Astrophysics.

Warrior Nation wishes Ryan the best as he continues his time at the University of Minnesota and beyond as he begins his career!


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