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2017 Engineering Design & Development Fair Results

Muskego, WI - Muskego High School Engineering Design and Development students competed in three science and engineering fairs this spring, coming away with multiple awards from each.


The fair season started out in Madison at the Capital Science and Engineering Fair on February 18, 2017. Six teams competed and all brought home awards:

  • Caleb Besson and Chris Magulski won the Grand Award: Promega Corp. - 2nd Runner Up, Natural, Engineering & Computer Sciences - 3rd place, American Meteorological Society Award, and the Office of Naval Research Award.
  • Zach Gollinger and Andrew Kutzner took home the American Meteorological Society Award.
  • Rachel Herb and Michael N. Anderson received the ASM Material Education Foundation Award and NASA Earth System Science Award.
  • Samantha Shannon and Robert Watson were awarded the Association for Women Geologists Award and Stockholm Jr. Water Prize.
  • Brandon Hungelmann-Skiba and Ryan Ziegler won Ricoh Americas Corp. Sustainable Development Award and the Stockholm Jr. Water Prize.
  • Dalton Dowd and Jake Petri received the NOAA Pulse of the Planet Award.
  • It was a great fair and much-deserved recognition for all students and their hard work.   


Next up for fairs was the 2017 Waukesha Science and Engineering Fair at UW-Waukesha on February 25, 2017. Teams were successful again at this smaller fair, adding six more awards. Magulski and Besson did well, earning UW-Colleges Engineering Summer Camp, Best of Fair Second Place, Engineering Physics First Place, and the Air Force Award. Hungelmann-Skiba and Ziegler were the other team taking home awards; their project won Environmental Second Place and the Air Force Award.


The final competition for the Engineering teams was held at Marian University on March 11, 2017. Again, teams excelled at the Badger State Science and Engineering Fair. Ziegler and Hungelmann-Skiba were awarded the ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award and Stockholm Jr. Water Prize. Herb and Anderson took Third Place in Chemistry/Biochemistry and were awarded Badger State Science & Engineering Scholarship Awards to Marion University. Magulski and Besson won Third Place in Engineering and the Badger State Science & Engineering Scholarship Awards to Marion University.  They will continue on to compete at iSWEEEP, International Sustainable World, Energy, Engineering & Environment Olympiad at the beginning of May in Houston, TX. Those interested in subsidizing the cost of the trip for the team can contact Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz at Karen.Lindholm-Rynkiewicz@muskegonorway.org.  


The teams and their topics are listed below:

 Project:Recycling Plastic Resin Dust Waste

Team: Rachel Herb and Michael N. Anderson

 Project:Decomposition of Polystyrene Using the Tenebrio Molitor

Team: Dalton Dowd and Jake Petri

 Project:Preventing Street Flooding by Designing Clog Resistant Storm Drain Inlets

Team: Caleb Besson and Chris Magulski

 Project: Flooding Effects on Bridges

Team: Samantha Shannon and Robert Watson

 Project: The Filtration of Microfibers from Washing Machines

Team: Ryan Zeigler and Brandon Hungelmann-Skiba

 Project: Harvesting Tactics for Invasive Asian Carp

Team: Andrew Kutzner and Zachary Gollinger

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Muskego Boys Basketball Subsections

The Boys Varsity Basketball team is back in the playoffs this year and competing in the subsectional game tonight against Madison East. Support the Warriors at 7pm at Janesville Craig High School!


Basketball: Boys Varsity WIAA Subsectional  
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017  Time 7:00pm 
Muskego High School vs Madison East vs Janesville Craig @ Janesville Craig High School 

 Janesville Craig High School 
401 S Randall Ave
Janesville, WI 53545-4223
(608) 743-5200



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Alumni Spotlight - Joe Taloff

Alumni Spotlights feature MHS Alumni who have been nominated by others for the work they are doing or how they impact their community. Joe Taloff was nominated for the way he has contributed to the Warrior basketball program and the incredible influence he is in the lives of our MHS students.


Joe Taloff, Class of 2008

1. What activities, clubs, or organizations were you involved in during high school?

Activities: Manager of football, Girls basketball program, and scouting for the Muskego Boys basketball program.

Clubs: Theater Arts and Home to work Studies (CO-OP)


2. What were you best known for in high school?

One thing that I was best known for in high school was my generosity for my friends that needed my assistance in everyday activities and organizations that they needed help with.


3. What have you been up to since graduation?

I currently am working for Roundy’s Supermarket (Kroger Cooperation’s) and I am currently an assistant deli manager training to become assistant store director for the company. I am currently involved with the Boys basketball program as the Lead General Manger and help boys basketball run the day-to-day operations for both home and away games. I am also a concessions consultant for the boys basketball program and help them set up concessions for game days. I also work at the high school as a statistician when they need one for indoor sports and athletics for Muskego High School.


4. In what ways are you impacting your community or making a difference in your field of work?

Currently, I am a coach with the program and help make the game days run smoothly so that way the coaches only must worry about the games. When the game is over I call in the games to the newspaper and to the WIAA (when we have playoffs). I would also send the coaches a scouting report on our opponents so that way they can see who their best player is and what we can do to prevent them from attacking their plays on the basketball team. I also am working with the booster club to make it better for concessions and to make sure that the budget is intact, instead of going over.

At first, while I was in school, I was only focused on doing my homework making sure that I would get a good education for myself. When Coach Mike Pepper first asked me if I could help him with his junior varsity football team, I got to feel that working in an activity is another way to challenge myself for the next year I would face. When that was said and done for the season, I was asked by Coach Brian Hirtz because they needed managers to work on their books and help with stats for the game. I felt that this would be another awesome challenge for me in my school career. When I came on the boys program I felt a stronger connection, maybe because it was like a second family that I had when I was in school. The boys looked up to me as like a big brother and they would ask me questions if they couldn’t find a coach. When Coach Andy Capes asked me to work with the booster club on the concessions they could ask me, "what do we have to do?" Ever since beginning work with the booster club I have been a consultant and we have been so popular and successful with concessions, and it makes me feel awesome.

5. Any additional comments you would like to make to old classmates or the Warrior Nation community:  

To all fellow warriors that read this, never feel down and always challenge yourself. Remember don’t be the problem, be the solution to each team member; you only get to be with them for 4 years and it will be a fast 4 years for yourself. Always remember the fun times you had when you were in school because they will always remember you in your high school reunions or in your high school yearbook so that you can tell your children the fun times you had when you were in school.  




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