Alumni Spotlight - Joe Taloff

Alumni Spotlights feature MHS Alumni who have been nominated by others for the work they are doing or how they impact their community. Joe Taloff was nominated for the way he has contributed to the Warrior basketball program and the incredible influence he is in the lives of our MHS students.


Joe Taloff, Class of 2008

1. What activities, clubs, or organizations were you involved in during high school?

Activities: Manager of football, Girls basketball program, and scouting for the Muskego Boys basketball program.

Clubs: Theater Arts and Home to work Studies (CO-OP)


2. What were you best known for in high school?

One thing that I was best known for in high school was my generosity for my friends that needed my assistance in everyday activities and organizations that they needed help with.


3. What have you been up to since graduation?

I currently am working for Roundy’s Supermarket (Kroger Cooperation’s) and I am currently an assistant deli manager training to become assistant store director for the company. I am currently involved with the Boys basketball program as the Lead General Manger and help boys basketball run the day-to-day operations for both home and away games. I am also a concessions consultant for the boys basketball program and help them set up concessions for game days. I also work at the high school as a statistician when they need one for indoor sports and athletics for Muskego High School.


4. In what ways are you impacting your community or making a difference in your field of work?

Currently, I am a coach with the program and help make the game days run smoothly so that way the coaches only must worry about the games. When the game is over I call in the games to the newspaper and to the WIAA (when we have playoffs). I would also send the coaches a scouting report on our opponents so that way they can see who their best player is and what we can do to prevent them from attacking their plays on the basketball team. I also am working with the booster club to make it better for concessions and to make sure that the budget is intact, instead of going over.

At first, while I was in school, I was only focused on doing my homework making sure that I would get a good education for myself. When Coach Mike Pepper first asked me if I could help him with his junior varsity football team, I got to feel that working in an activity is another way to challenge myself for the next year I would face. When that was said and done for the season, I was asked by Coach Brian Hirtz because they needed managers to work on their books and help with stats for the game. I felt that this would be another awesome challenge for me in my school career. When I came on the boys program I felt a stronger connection, maybe because it was like a second family that I had when I was in school. The boys looked up to me as like a big brother and they would ask me questions if they couldn’t find a coach. When Coach Andy Capes asked me to work with the booster club on the concessions they could ask me, "what do we have to do?" Ever since beginning work with the booster club I have been a consultant and we have been so popular and successful with concessions, and it makes me feel awesome.

5. Any additional comments you would like to make to old classmates or the Warrior Nation community:  

To all fellow warriors that read this, never feel down and always challenge yourself. Remember don’t be the problem, be the solution to each team member; you only get to be with them for 4 years and it will be a fast 4 years for yourself. Always remember the fun times you had when you were in school because they will always remember you in your high school reunions or in your high school yearbook so that you can tell your children the fun times you had when you were in school.  




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Warrior's Warehouse Gets New Look

Warrior’s Warehouse rolled out a new platform and website for online orders earlier this month. The Muskego High School spirit store is run by the school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club and its advisors. The store is not only online, but also has a physical space in the high school. Warrior’s Warehouse sells MHS and Warrior apparel, including shirts, shorts, outerwear, and accessories. Also find Warrior Nation polos and t-shirts, new this semester!

The new site can be accessed by clicking on the Warrior's Warehouse tab in the top navigation pane, or by visiting


Share your Warrior Pride by supporting FBLA and buying your spirit gear at Warrior's Warehouse!

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Swish For A Wish

Come support Team Natalee tonight at the Varsity Girls Basketball game at 7pm.

The girls basketball program raised funds with their annual free-throw-a-thon and a check will be presented tonight to Natalee and her family at 6:30pm before the game. Stay to cheer on the Warriors Varsity team!


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Warrior Nation Wire Issue IV

The fourth issue of the Warrior Nation Wire is here! To check out the issue of the newsletter, scroll over the News tab and click Newsletters. 

Warrior Nation is excited to share all the great things happening in our Nation! If you have a story to share that you would like included in the next issue of the Warrior Nation Wire, please use the Submit Updates for the Newsletter page. 



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