College & Career Ready - Evan Warwick

Evan Warwick Shows Warriors What It Means To Be College & Career Ready


Over 10,000 pairs of eyes were on MHS Alumnus, Evan Warwick, on Friday, September 2, 2016, as he delivered a speech at the Chancellor’s Convocation for new UW-Madison Badgers.  Warrior Nation caught up with Evan to hear how his college experience has been thus far and how he was afforded the opportunity to speak to this group of students. 

Evan is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has thoroughly enjoyed his first two years as a Badger. He has described his college experience as both incredible and surprising. Evan is very active on campus and told Warrior Nation, “the amount of opportunities both academically and extracurricularly that UW-Madison has offered me has expanded my horizons and made me a more well-rounded person.”

From starting a competitive a cappella group to working at SOAR, the freshman orientation program, Evan has made his college experience an incredible one. He is working to, “enact positive change in the Madison community through music and through working at SOAR,” citing the lessons he has learned in speaking up when it comes to social injustice.  

This passion for seeing change led Evan to be the speaker at the Chancellor’s Convocation. In learning about different hate and bias incidents on campus, Evan was inspired to see change on campus. “Through working at SOAR, I learned that speaking up when you see injustice or not standing for bias against people who are not like you are just a couple ways that you can stop hate incidents. I wanted the freshman class to know that there are ways to stop these incidents and make UW-Madison a brighter place for future generations of Badgers.” Evan wrote an essay on these ideas and was chosen to be the student speaker for the convocation.

Warrior Nation also asked Evan about his high school experience as a Warrior and what prepared him for a successful college career.

Evan shared, “My time at MHS gave me a huge head-start compared to my peers at UW-Madison. I felt prepared and ready for the rigor of college courses as well as knowing how to balance schoolwork with other activities. MHS specifically helped me grow in confidence in my speaking and writing abilities. Had it not been for the wonderful English teachers I had in my time at MHS, I would never have been able to not only write the speech but also deliver it in front of 10,000 people. The music department at MHS, more specifically Mr. Wanner, has inspired me to continue in music at UW. Had it not been for his guidance and passion for music, I would have never founded Under A-Rest (the a cappella group).

Evan has this piece of advice for students at MHS, “be comfortable with who you are. In high school, I was so worried about "fitting in" that I lost track of who I really was and the values and morals that I hold. You should NEVER be afraid to pursue your passions, no matter how cool your classmates think those passions are. I can assure you that if you follow your passions you will grow in ways that you never thought were possible.”

We look forward to hearing about the amazing things Evan will continue to do this year and next at UW-Madison!



Warrior Nation loves sharing what our alumni have been up to and how they are impacting their community! Know someone who is doing great things in their field of work or community? Share it with Warrior Nation using the alumni nomination form on the website. 



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Girls Tennis Takes 2nd

The girls tennis team played awesome at conference on Saturday, September 24th.  The Varsity team took 2nd place and the following girls took first place:

Madalyn Toboyek - 1st place singles

Madylin Becker and Isabella Norante - 1st place doubles

Way to go Warriors!




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Call for Reunions

Calling all alumni from the classes of:











It's your reunion year and it's not too early to start planning your event. Please reach out to if you have information on class reunions for 2017 or would like help in organizing your event.



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Eye in the Sky



Want to see your favorite MHS team play live, but can't make it to a game? Eye in the Sky Sports allows you to watch games live on your computer or mobile device. 

Tickets to watch cost $6.99; access the game and buy tickets using your email account. In the near future, season passes will be available to purchase and can save you up to 15%!!!

Watch tonight's varsity girls volleyball game here:




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