New Mural at Muskego High School!

If you have stepped into Muskego High School within the past few months, you may notice something different. Inside the cafeteria, on the far wall next to the pool, you will see a new mural that hangs bright with vibrant colors. The two artists who designed and executed the mural sat down with us to share their inspiration and ideas for how this art piece came to be.  Melanie Davis is a current senior at Muskego High School who is looking to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia next year to pursue a career in illustration. The second student, Jonah Gibson, is currently a freshman at SCAD pursuing a career in animation and is a Muskego Alumni who drafted the project.

We asked Jonah what inspired him to create the mural and he told us, “I designed the mural to represent the extracurriculars and interests of the student body and to show the diversity of clubs and activities that help everyone feel included.” Muskego High School offers 25 different sports and 29 clubs to their student body. This is in hopes that every student can feel connected and be involved with something they are passionate about.

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