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2015 Alumna Shows What It Means to Be College & Career Ready


Muskego-Norway School District carries out its mission and vision by prioritizing and focusing efforts on enhancing: Academic Literacy, Meaningful Engagement, and College and Career Readiness for all students.

Warrior Nation was recently contacted about an MHS alumna who just finished her first year at the University of Minnesota. Elyse Terlion graduated in 2015 and has seen great success during her first year at college. Elyse was advised by Heidi, MHS swim coach, to try out for rowing at U of M. Elyse just won a bronze medal at the Big 10 Rowing Races in Indianapolis, IN. 

Ann Terlion, Elyse's mother, commented on ways she saw MHS impact her daughter and prepare her for college. "Elyse had several assets to her success including teachers and coaches." 
"Heidi was definitely a positive influence for Elyse.  She was the one that suggested Elyse to try out for rowing at the University of Minnesota.  Heidi saw Elyse's talents, struggles, dedication and perseverance as she coached her on the MHS swim team. I am pretty sure that Heidi has impacted Elyse's life in ways that are indescribable," said Mrs. Terlion.   
Scholastically,  Elyse was announced at a U of M sports banquet as the top 30's of 750 athlete's to have a 4.0 GPA first semester. Her success scholastically was influenced by several teachers throughout the years in Muskego-Norway School District.  
Warrior Nation also connected with Elyse on her decision to join the rowing team and how MHS prepared her for college. 
"I swam for ten years leading up to my graduation from MHS, so coming into college I had a strong athletic background. During my final swim season for the warriors, my coach, Heidi Szczupakiewicz, mentioned to me about the opportunity that rowing presents for my transition to college. I got in contact with the coach with Heidi's recommendation and assistance, and I arranged a meeting. Since I had no previous rowing experience I could not be officially recruited, but the Big Ten schools have highly developed novice programs that accept walk-ons. I made the decision to try the sport because after being involved in swim for ten years, I wanted to be a part of something important at the university level.
It has been a steep learning curve for me this past year at school. Freshman year is completely unique in the sense that it's the first time you are truly autonomous in your decision making. I think that since I was relatively far from my family and friends, rowing provided a backbone for me because I went from knowing nobody on campus to having 20 best friends and access to a network of student-athletes and university resources. In the beginning of the year there were more frustrations because I was new to the sport; however, as time progressed I became more confident and knowledgeable about my position on the crew. In terms of academics and other activities, I love being able to learn about topics directly related to my field of study, international business. Being in the Twin Cities is helpful because it provides valuable resources to university students such as mentors, internships, and scholarships. I already can not wait to go back to school in order to connect with my teammates again and begin my search for an internship.
Muskego High School has helped develop my academic background by enriching my abilities and cultivating my interests. For example, in high school, I took various AP courses which I believe helped prepare me for the coursework at my university. Another benefit I received from AP classes is the university credits I obtained from my success in the classroom at MHS. Entering college with a substantial amount of credits has given me the ability to have more freedom with my course selection to either take higher level classes for my major or other courses of interest. I plan on taking a foreign language course each semester at school because I began studying three foreign languages at Muskego and would like to extend my knowledge in each language to reach proficiency because it would be a true asset to have. Also, the combination of my involvements at MHS (varsity swim or clubs/ honor societies) and my rigorous high school course load have created a strong work ethic and efficiency. Muskego definitely prepares students well for the demands of college classes."


It is always encouraging to hear about successes that come from these efforts, especially from MHS alumni who have gone on to college or have started their careers. Stories like these encourage all MHS staff members to continue working hard to impact their students.

Congratulations on your success, Elyse! We look forward to hearing of many more accomplishments as you continue your time at U of M and in your future career!






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