Alumni Spotlight - Robyn (Fennig) Wiseman

This month's Alumni Spotlight features Robyn (Fennig) Wiseman! See what she has been up to since graduation and all the awesome things she is doing for the State of Wisconsin and in the Ultimate Frisbee world. 

Robyn (Fennig) Wiseman, Class of 2005


1. What activities, clubs, or organizations were you involved in during high school?

Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, French Club, French National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Math Club

2. What were you best known for in high school?

Probably best known for athletics

3. What have you been up to since graduation? 

I attended UW-Eau Claire and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Economics, and minor in History, Math, and International Relations. I pursued an MS in Urban and Regional Planning (Land Use Law and Environmental Planning emphasis) from the University of Iowa, graduating in 2012. After grad school, I began working at Wisconsin Emergency Management in the State Department of Military Affairs in Madison, WI. At WEM, I manage disaster recovery grants and projects throughout Wisconsin through the FEMA Public Assistance program, which replaces and repairs damaged publicly-owned facilities, equipment, and roads as the State Public Assistance Officer. 

In terms of athletics, I started playing ultimate frisbee in college and have been playing at the national and international levels on various teams since. During college, I earned all-region honors from USA Ultimate and was selected as the runner-up in the nationwide college MVP award. Since I moved to Madison in 2012, I started a women's ultimate club team in Madison (called Heist), which has consistently placed in the top 12 in the country (and 2nd at the Pan American Championships in Mexico in 2015!), and won a gold medal in Lecco, Italy at the World Championships in 2014. In January, I was selected to compete with the US National Team for the upcoming World Championships in London, UK. I also coach the women's club team at the University of Wisconsin and the U19 Mixed Youth team in Madison, WI. 

Here's a link to our season highlights from last season:

4. In what ways are you impacting your community or making an impact in your field of work?

My job at WEM is very rewarding; I get to work with communities of different sizes and locations throughout the state to build disaster-resistant infrastructure and recover from disaster events. Wisconsin sees flooding, straight-line wind events, and other natural hazards every year. The opportunity to repair and mitigate future damages contributes to the lives of Wisconsinites in an important way; my goal is to ensure that people have safe communities and can live normal, happy lives. 

I also coordinate our state's interstate mutual aid program through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. EMAC allows us to share resources and personnel with other states in an efficient way, to help other states and communities recover from disasters. Wisconsin has offered to assist with wildfires out west, flood recovery in Colorado, snowstorms on the East Coast; we have great local and state assets to help others. Should we ever need assistance in Wisconsin, I would help coordinate those aid packages 

Outside of work, I remain active in the Ultimate Frisbee community. I continue to play, coach, and serve on various committees to help grow the sport. Ultimate is self-officiated at the highest levels of play, which is completely unlike any other field sport out there. It really emphasizes integrity, respect of your opponents, and engaging in conflict resolution at the individual level. It is one of the reasons I love coaching young women and teenagers. It helps empower young players to learn these important skills and become better people on and off the field.

Being selected on the National Mixed team alongside the best athletes around the country is such an honor. Between all of my job-related and other ultimate-related commitments, it is difficult to find ample time to train and prepare, but it is very worth it. I can't wait to take the field with my teammates in London. 

5. Any additional comments you would like to make to old classmates or the Warrior Nation community: 

I am thankful for the opportunities I had at MHS, both academically and athletically. It makes me happy to come home to visit and know that students keep having those opportunities. Because I had the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, try different things, and expand my world view, I felt brave enough to try an entirely new sport and be exposed to an incredible community of athletes around the world. Ultimate has connected me to players in Bulgaria, Austria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, as well as across the country.



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