Alumni Spotlight - Frankie Mazza

Francesca (Frankie) Mazza

Class of 2016


1. What activities, clubs, or organizations were you involved with during high school?

I was part of French National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Science Club and French Club

2. What were you best known for in high school?

 I was known for being very studious. I loved to read and learn new things, and was always up for a challenge.

3. What have you been up to since graduation?

I just finished my sophomore year of college at Carroll University where I am studying both Biology and Psychology. I started off as an Environmental Science major but switched to Biology and Psychology to pursue my goal of becoming a neurologist. At Carroll, I am part of Eco Club and Tri-Beta - an honor society for students studying Biology. I plan to go to Costa Rica next summer to study sustainability and ecotourism. 

4. Tell me more about SPUR - how you came to be interested in the internship, how you were chosen, and what you are looking forward to.

During my freshman year of college, my biology professor told us about the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) at the Medical College of Wisconsin. It's a highly selective program, and I have always been interested in research, so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door. I applied and was selected to help further the research on molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. I am incredibly excited to be working with and learning from a faculty member at MCW in the field of neuroscience! I am looking forward to learning new techniques and to see what it's like to be a full-time researcher.

5.Advice for current students? Shout out to any teacher or staff member that encouraged/influenced you while in high school?  

My advice for current students is to take academics seriously, but also allow yourself to take a break when needed. Have fun and unplug from technology every once in a while - take up some new hobbies! Also a huge shout out to my amazing AP Psychology teacher, Miss Pyne -- the first person to teach me about the brain and the one who made me realize that I want my career to focus around neuroscience. And another shout out to Madame Fox, for letting me be in her classroom all day and for giving me the courage and confidence to believe in myself and pursue my goals. I wouldn't have been accepted for SPUR if it weren't for these two incredible women. 



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