2018 Capital Science & Engineering Fair Awards

MHS Engineering Warriors earn Place & Awards at Capital Science & Engineering Fair


MHS Engineering students proved that they have their fingers on the pulse of current science and engineering problems.  After a long day of judging inquiry at the Capital Science & Engineering Fair, these senior students placed in the Engineering Sciences Category and won 9 of the 17 awards given.

Kyle Ignasiak, Elise Prange, and Alyssa Rutzinski won 3rd place in Engineering Sciences with their project:  Redesigning River Turbines to Produce Electrical Energy More Efficiently.  They also won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, which is the first step to an international competition by the Nobel Institute.

Levi Leonard and Dawson Grohall won 4th place in Engineering Sciences with their project: Application of Graphene: Water Filter with Removable Sleeves. They also won an award from the American Meteorological Society for their work in the hydrological sciences.

Tyler Dembosky and Tyler Radtke were awarded the Lau and Bea Christensen Award for Social Sciences for their project:  Device for the Removal of Carbon Dioxide and Particulate Matter from Vehicle Exhaust. This award is for the best exhibit addressing economic sciences.

Ryan Gillespie and Andrew Grady won two awards for their work:  Space Debris Removal via a Rotating Tether. The Mu Alpha Theta Award for investigating a problem in mathematics and the NASA  Earth System Science Award for offering insight into earth's connected systems.

C.J. Herrera and Jacob Calvino won the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “Taking the Pulse of the Planet” award for their project:  A Device to Minimize Bat Mortality from Wind Turbine Collision.

Hunter Bindas and Abigail Warwick were awarded the Ricoh Americas Corporation “Sustainable Development Award” for their project that exhibited principles and technical innovations for sustainable development titled:  Development of a Grass Variety as a Way to Remove Nitrogen from Water Environments.

Noah Entringer and Matt Jensen were awarded the U.S. Air Force certificate for outstanding STEM project for their work:  Improving Efficiency of Wind Turbines by Altering the Blades.

Alexander Beer and Zachary Wehr were awarded the Yale Science and Engineering Association award for best exhibit in engineering and physics for their research project:  Improving Perovskite Solar Cells by Engineering a Water Resistant Environment for the Active Layer.

These students will move on to further competition at the Waukesha Colleges Science and Engineering Fair held at Carroll University Student Center on March 3 followed by Badger State Science and Engineering Fair on March 17 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union.  All fairs are open to the public starting at 2:30 pm.

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